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Wondering how to fix your garage door in West Hollywood? You're not alone. Let's dive into some of the most burning questions out there, and give you the answers you've been looking for.

Can I Fix My Garage Door Myself?

Absolutely, if it's a minor issue. Simple tasks like lubricating the tracks or tightening loose hardware can often be DIY-ed. But let’s keep it real - when it comes to anything more complicated (think broken springs or cable issues), calling in professionals like Timothy Garage Door Repair is your safest bet.

How Often Should I Have My Garage Door Serviced?

The short answer? Once a year should do the trick. Regular maintenance checks help catch problems early on, keeping your garage door running smoothly and saving you from bigger headaches down the line.

What Are The Signs That My Garage Door Needs Repair?
  • Weird Noises: If opening or closing your garage sounds more like a horror movie soundtrack than smooth operation, something’s up.
  • Sagging Sections: Noticed one part of your door hanging lower than others? Time for a check-up.
  • Slo-Mo Movement: If your garage door moves slower than molasses in January, its components might need attention.

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